Coming Attractions

I intend to release a new review every Friday for the rest of the year – and perhaps the foreseeable future, as it’s not as if there are only 52 Japanese films worth discussing! Here’s a quick peek at some upcoming films from my shelf. Some of these, like Kinji Fukasaku’s Battles Without Honour and Humanity and Battle Royale or Takashi Miike’s Audition13 Assassins, and Hara-Kiri, are films I’ve seen before but will be welcome additions to the blog. Others are films I’ve picked up in Arrow Video sales, on recommendations from friends and readers, or because I want to expand my library of a particular director or actor.

Not pictured: Battles Without Honour and Humanity, which refuses to photograph well

I’m particularly excited about Lone Wolf and Cub, which recently got the Criterion Collection treatment, and Kagemusha, as I strive to watch the rest of Akira Kurosawa’s films. Of course, this doesn’t include movie rentals and the odd gem from YouTube, like Miike’s bizarre, slightly disappointing adaptation of SEGA’s Yakuza games.

So stay tuned, please do comment on and like reviews if you enjoy them, and follow if you want to stay up to date!

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